Optimize the most significant consumptions of your household

Townhouse with PV panels and heat pump

1 SNOCU monitor
1 SNOCU controller PDC


Increase self-consumption by optimising heat pump’s operation cycles


Regalgrid manages the operations of high consumption devices with the available renewable energy to maximize comfort and cost savings

With energy communities

  1. Reduction of fixed costs and energy cost on the bill
  2. Use the excess power within the smart grid community to synchronize operations between smart devices
  3. Optimize the heat pump’s operation cycles during periods of high availability of renewable energy generated within the community

“The heat pump uses a lot of energy and my PV panels are not enough to cover its consumption. Through Regalgrid I can connect my heat pump to the energy community and take advantage of the energy produced within our smart grid. In this way the efficiency of the heat pump increases while the bill decrease!”