Energy community ready: new buildings ready for the future

Condominium under construction

1 SNOCU consumer/monitor per apt
1 SNOCU storage/multi


Equipping facilities under construction with the most efficient technology for the production, storage and exchange of electricity


Build buildings and condominiums already predisposed to the production, accumulation and sharing of energy, optimizing costs and increasing their attractiveness

With energy communities

  1. Optimize system design for energy communities
  2. Reduction of fixed costs and energy cost in bill
  3. Don’t exchange the excess energy with the utility, but put it in the smart grid of the community at more advantageous conditions
  4. Connect to renewable energy production and storage systems also of other condominiums, and draw on them when needed
  5. Power to monitor all energy assets through a single interface

“I turned to Regalgrid® right from the early stages of the design of the new buildings, in order to have a clean, economical and efficient energy solution to make the housing units more attractive on the market”