Smart eco and sustainability

The energy communities as driver of smart cities

July 2020
Today, the term “smart” is often associated exclusively with large urban centres, hives of innovation and hubs for resources that enable change. However, the first step towards a smart city is to embrace the new energy-community model, and this is possible for any urban centre.
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Sharing and Cooperation are the future (and not only in the energy industry)

June 2020
Coronavirus has drastically changed the cards in play, and for many economic sectors it has changed the rules of the game itself. But rebirth is born out of resilience and collaboration, just like the current revolution in the world of energy.
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Smart meters: how do they work?

May 2020
If smart grids represent the digital revolution of energy, smart meters are the means by which this remarkable change is made possible, enabling real-time monitoring and two-way dialogue between nodes.
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Smart home: how to get your home connected

April 2020
Having a smart home is part of a natural evolution as a digital citizen and the starting point to becoming informed consumers in the energy-community era.
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Building-integrated photovoltaic: what is it and how is it integrated in green buildings?

January 2020
In this article we discuss the integration between energy innovation and architectural design: PV panels blend with the building where they are installed, looking towards a shared future made of functionality and aesthetics.
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