Digital Energy is a reality with Regalgrid®, Solax Italia and Forgreen.

The most complete and innovative offering of digital energy services on the market was launched on 11 May 2018 at the of Regalgrid® Research&Development office during the “Digital Energy Evolution” conference-event.

Attended by Italy’s leading players in the specialist energy distribution market, Stefano Nassuato, Regalgrid® Business Development Manager, Davide Tinazzi, CEO of SOLAX Italia and Vincenzo Scotti, CEO of ForGreen Spa, presented the multiple benefits for end users of a joint offering between a service provider, a storage system manufacturer and a 100% renewable energy operator.

The combination of the Regalgrid® advanced digital energy services platform with the latest generation of SOLAX storage systems and with the WeForGreen Sharing energy community model, in fact offers real-time consumption control, battery optimisation, access to transparent energy deals, total management of the energy produced and a futuristic user experience for installers and users using smart apps. In summary, a series of benefits that let anyone become an advanced prosumer and enter the Digital Energy era.

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