Real time energy smart management

The Regalgrid® cloud-based software integrated into Snocu – the hardware component connected to the inverter and/or to the battery – operates in real-time, processing the data transmitted by the photovoltaic system and allocates the energy generated to the loads in the building. The energy distribution logic can be automatic or set by the prosumer based on specific consumption needs.

The cloud makes the sun shine

Snocu communicates with the local devices – photovoltaic system, storage systems, household loads – with different protocols (Wireless, Bluetooth, LAN, serial). Using the Internet to connect to the cloud server, it collects and processes data and sends automatic and/or manual commands to the connected devices.

With Regalgrid, energy is just a click away. Thanks to smart applications available on the App Store and Play Store, prosumers have total, free and direct control over the entire system. This translates into greater awareness of one’s energy situation, increased use of self-generated energy, and economic savings.


Mobile live management
  • Prosumer
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  • App Store


Table live management
  • Prosumer
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  • App Store


Table & DIN
  • Batterie & FV inverter
  • Wireless & Bluetooth
  • USB & Full HDMI


Real time
  • VPN Tunnel
  • Firewall
  • Web Server
Funzionalità interattive
Power booster

Quando la potenza contrattuale non è sufficiente per soddisfare i carichi, il sistema di accumulo può essere controllato attraverso la piattaforma Regalgrid® per fornire la potenza extra necessaria.

Forced Sleep Mode

Permette in ogni momento di disconnettere le batterie e di utilizzare esclusivamente l’energia prodotta dall’impianto fotovoltaico e dalla rete.

Funzionalità integrate
Manutenzione automatica del sistema di accumulo

La carica e la scarica delle batterie è gestita automaticamente in modo da prolungarne il ciclo di vita.

Auto Sleep Mode

La piattaforma Regalgrid® disattiva gli inverter e i sistemi di accumulo quando il loro funzionamento non è richiesto (es. di notte) per ridurne gli sprechi.

Funzionalità standard
Monitoraggio per utente

Il Portale e le APP Regalgrid® permettono di monitorare in tempo reale lo stato dell’impianto.

Monitoraggio per installatore

Il Portale e le APP Regalgrid® permettono di monitorare in tempo reale lo stato dell’impianto.

0-KM energy, full autonomy

Through its integrated functionalities, SNOCU manages the storage inverters so as to reduce their consumption when they are active without actually supplying the user’s inverters. Snocu’s interactive features allow prosumers to efficiently program how and when to use the energy generated and stored in their system.

Integrated functions: interactive and on demand

Monitoring and

End-user monitoring

The Regalgrid® web portal and mobile APP allow to monitor the system status in real-time. Users have access to all the data required to monitor their consumption and their system operation.

Installer monitoring

Thanks to the Regalgrid® Platoform, installers can check the system status of their customers with one single APP.

Control and

Power Booster

When the contractual power is not enough to meet the load demand, the storage system can be controlled through the Regalgrid® Platform to provide the required extra power.

Stop Battery

Users are able to disconnect the batteries and only use energy from the photovoltaic system and the grid at any time. This can help extend the batteries lifespan by reducing their cycles when not needed.

Sleep Mode

Regalgrid® Platform disables inverters and energy storage systems when they are not needed (e.g. at night) in order to reduce their self-consumption and save on energy bills.

Automatic maintenance of the energy storage system

The charging and discharging of batteries is optimally and automatically controlled so as to increase their lifetime.

Energy sharing and
smart communities

Network services

Regalgrid® contributes to the monitoring and control of virtual power plants and offers grid management services to utility companies.

Energy Sharing

Excess energy is shared among prosumers and consumers within the Regalgrid® Community so as to increase the community self-consumption and grid independence.

Electric vehicle charger management

SNOCU can also be connected to an EV charging station to optimally manage EV batteries and to provide Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) services.

Automation       Savings       Interactivity

The benefits of the Platform

Regalgrid® monitoring provides an overview of the system and enables the end user to be aware of the real-time situation regarding the use of self-generated energy and self-sufficiency. Indeed, the Portal and Regalgrid® APPs enable real-time monitoring of the system’s status.

The Auto Sleep Mode function automatically disconnects inverters and/or batteries when not needed leading to saving of 20 to 40 Euros/year*.

The Power Booster is a programmable function to provide extra power above the limit established by the mains network contract, leading to savings of 40 to 100 Euros/year**.

The Regalgrid® Platform also optimizes the automatic maintenance strategies of the storage system extending its useful life.

End users can manage their own system remotely as well as to subscribe to special energy promotions.

*Estimate for the Auto Sleep Mode active for 60 – 90 nights/year
** Considering annual savings of €25/kW.

All the information useful for users and installers

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