Mini step-by-step guide to make a light connection for your home

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When you enter a new property, a very important action to take is the connection of the light. In fact, the procedure is essential in two situations:

  1. When a meter is already installed in the home, but this has never been activated;
  2. When in the new house there is not yet the meter.

Either way, this is a very simple operation, as long as you know:

  • To whom to apply
  • The data you will have to provide
  • The necessary documents
  • The timing and costs


Who to ask for the light connection?

The electricity connection must be requested to the provider you decide to rely on for your electricity offer. You can do it in the following ways:

  • By contacting customer service at the toll-free number provided by the supplier
  • By physically going to one of its stores and interacting with an employee – Normally, you can find the list of all the physical stores in the various official websites of the supply company
  • Connecting to the official website of the company – Here you can download the appropriate form, fill in all its fields and send it to the company by mail, PEC or fax.


Data required for light connection

The data you will need to provide during the application process are:

  • Your personal information, such as your first and last name, social security number, phone number and email address
  • The identification data of your company if you are requesting the connection for a business offer
  • Cadastral information on the property
  • The contract that certifies your ownership of the property
  • The power and voltage you will need for your supply
  • The IBAN code if you decide to pay your bills directly by automatic bank debit


The necessary documents for the light connection

In addition to the data, some documents will need to be submitted. Specifically:

  • The Membership Form – This is a sheet that you will receive after applying for connection.
  • The Safeguard Regime Declaration – This is a form only required if the property is a business and not intended for private or domestic use.
  • A copy of your valid ID.


The timing and costs of the light connection

The time required to complete the electricity connection is 12 working days. In fact, the supplier to whom you will make the request will have 2 days to transmit it to the local distributor. The latter will then have to activate your meter in a time limit of 5 days. At this point, the electronic meter will be usable within further 7 days.

However, the transaction is not free, and you will be required to pay:

  • 27,59 € administrative fee
  • 23 € fixed contribution
  • 16 € stamp duty

In addition, you may also have to pay a security deposit. For this item, each operator has full freedom of choice. So, its value varies from company to company, but it may also not be provided for. However, the tendency is to always include it, except in cases where the payment of bills is made through a bank account. In this case, releasing the IBAN is considered sufficient guarantee.

If you want to stay up to date on electricity, at this link you will find the official website of ARERA.



Energy Communities and SNOCU: the gateway to a smart lighting connection.

Once the light connection is made, to make your property smart and find out how you consume inside your home, as well as facilitate the energy efficiency of your building, Energy Communities are the new frontier of green energy and savings.

At first, the most important step for Energy Communities concerns the expenses related to the installation of smart meters or, in our case, the SNOCU: this is the unit for active and real-time control of plants and storage systems, columns and heat pumps by Regalgrid Europe, available in different models, which fall within the 50% or 110% bonus.

The most important peculiarity of SNOCU is that it allows you to access the world of Renewable Energy Communities. In fact, thanks to the function “unbundling of loads”, SNOCU PLUG&PLAY allows you to monitor and control in real time the consumption of your household appliances; moreover, with SNOCU PLUG&PLAY you can control at any time the self-consumption and energy self-sufficiency of your home and your photovoltaic system. These functions are useful to learn about yourself as a home energy consumer.

SNOCU is synchronized with the Regalgrid app available and downloadable from major app stores to allow you to monitor not only your system, but also your performance within your Energy Community.