A new energy community with the Regalgrid® platform: the La Piazza di Venezia shopping center.

Monday 6 April 2020

Regalgrid Europe S.r.l participates with its platform for digital energy in the energy requalification of the building of the La Piazza shopping center in Venice. A particular feature of the project is the use of equity crowdfunding for its financing. A participatory development model, still little used in Italy but consolidated abroad, which is well suited to the spirit of innovation of Regalgrid Europe and the logic of the energy communities, which have recently become legal entities in all respects also in our country. With this aggregative financial instrument, the activities and investments useful for creating a ‘technical’ energy community can be open to the participation of all citizens and, specifically, those who benefit from the initiative. The project is promoted by RE (Y) VENEZIA Srl, vehicle company of the Trentino ESCo InfinityHub SpA and provides for the energy requalification of the entire building of the shopping center with the installation of LED lamps, heating and air conditioning with heat pumps, photovoltaic system. , charging stations for electric cars, interconnected and driven by the Regalgrid® platform.