BloRin project

Wednesday 9 February 2022

SkyTG24 interviewed Prof. Pierluigi Gallo of SEEDS, StartUp specialized in the use of Blockchain, smart contract and DLT technologies.

During the interview we had the opportunity to deepen the project BloRin (BLOckchain for the decentralized management of Renewable Energy).

Within the BloRin project, blockchain technology will be used to manage energy exchanges between prosumers, to perform aggregation and to provide balancing services. This technology, in fact, allows to manage in an optimal and distributed way all the electrical systems connected to it.

The development of BloRin platform is carried out by the Department of Engineering of the University of Palermo, in collaboration with industrial partners Exalto Energy & Innovation and Regalgrid Europe SRL, as well as distributors S.EL.I.S. Lampedusa S.p.A. and SEA SOCIETA ELETTRICA DI FAVIGNANA S.P.A.