CNA joins forces with Treviso-based Regalgrid® to launch the energy community

Saturday 19 September 2020

The day after the release of the Decree of the Ministry for Economic Development, CNA signed an important framework agreement with Regalgrid, to give the artisans registered in the confederation the possibility to access and use Regalgrid’s innovative and enabling technology for the creation of energy communities.

“We have identified one of the leading manufacturers in the sector to offer our craftsmen the best technology to develop a profitable project” – declares Alessandro Conte, president of CNA Veneto. “The ability to simultaneously monitor and manage different energy assets in real time is one of the many points of value of our company” – explains Davide Spotti, president of Regalgrid Europe. The sharing of renewable energy generated and consumed is finally, not only authorized, but also encouraged.

With this framework agreement, CNA and Regalgrid undertake to give oxygen to a supply chain of workers and entrepreneurial activities that are distinctive of our country, thus creating a very beneficial impact for the territory. Cutting-edge technology, combined with environmental and social sustainability, will be themes for a concrete and innovative inspiration that will involve artisans both as users and as installers.

At the bottom, the link of the Gazzettino and our article “The craftsman, new promoter of energy communiity” of July 14th.