Energy communities and ecological transition: a sustainable economy to address the climate crisis

Tuesday 7 December 2021

Date: December 16, 2021

Time: 17:30 -19:00


  • Andrea Silvetti, NextoLife President and CEO 4Energy srl. – “Self-consumption photovoltaic systems for businesses and individuals: a tool to contain the increase in energy costs”.
  • Federico Franceschetti, Local Account Manager Duferco Energia SpA – “…”
  • Stefano Nassuato, Director Global Business Development Regalgrid Europe SRL – Energy Communities
  • Dario Tamburrano, MEP M5S – Member and Coordinator of the ITRE Commission (Industry, Research, Energy and Telecommunications) – Substitute in the AGRI Commission – “History of European energy standards and policy”.


The Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan 2030 is a fundamental tool to change the energy and environmental policy of our country towards decarbonization. 5 lines of action, which will be developed in an integrated manner: from decarbonization to energy efficiency and energy security, through the development of the internal energy market, research, innovation and competitiveness.

During our live broadcast we will talk about the role of energy efficiency, central to overcome the errors of energy policy that are penalizing our economy and the environment. But also about renewables, energy communities and the current high bills.

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