Energy communities and ecological transition: opportunities for the territory

Monday 15 March 2021

Date: March 25, 2021

Time: From 18:00

The event is focused on the green transition.

In collaboration with NextoLife, the webinar discusses the transition from being green-unfriendly, low-consumption and wasteful, to paying attention and caring.

Below are the topics that will be explored:

  • Why it pays to establish an energy community
  • What are the benefits for a local community, a condominium and a person who does not own PV directly
  • Examples of energy communities


  • Andrea Silvetti (CEO of 4Energy)
  • Stefano Nassuato (Global Business Developer of Regalgrid Europe Srl)
  • Alessandro Rocchi (Vice Mayor of Grottammare and Councillor for Resources and Innovation)
  • Giancarlo Fermani (Regional Vice President of Confcooperative Marche)
  • Tullia Costa (Association for the Protection and Valorization of Valdaso)