H-Farm: a campus dedicated to sustainability with Enel X and Regalgrid®

Wednesday 30 September 2020

Ca’ Tron, Treviso
Together with H-FARM and Enel X, once again Regalgrid Europe is at the forefront of environmental sustainability and energy exchange.

The new H-Farm Campus has an internal photovoltaic system of over 1.2 MW distributed on the roofs of the new buildings that allows the use of solar energy, renewable and local, to cover a large part of its consumption, further reducing impact on the environment.

Regalgrid Europe supplies the electrochemical storage systems located in the new buildings that will be piloted through the Regalgrid® platform. The platform, which allows the monitoring, control and optimization of its energy assets, will automatically take care of reducing energy exchanges between the H-FARM Campus and the public electricity grid, maximizing self-consumption and self-sufficiency. of the campus in order to make it even more eco-sustainable.

To know more:

👉🏻 https://bit.ly/3n1nHaW
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