Milleproroghe decree for energy communities

Thursday 27 February 2020

Ready for change. Last night the Senate also approved the Milleproroghe Decree for energy communities in Italy, with an initial experimental phase. The legislation – contained in an amendment to Article 42 of the Decree – will allow citizens, businesses and public bodies to adhere to a new model of renewable energy use, based on energy communities and collective self-consumption. A model that Regalgrid® is able to create through its technological platform: the creation of the first local energy community at H-Farm, the well-known start-up incubator, dates back to 2017, whose thirteen buildings were equipped with photovoltaic generators and storage systems interconnected by the Regalgrid® platform to optimize the collective self-consumption of the community. The amendment contained in the Milleproroghe Decree, in addition to making collective self-consumption possible, facilitates and promotes it through two tools: an explicit incentive, aimed at rewarding instant self-consumption and the use of accumulation to increase self-consumption, and an implicit one, that is, the return of the components in the bill not applicable to users of the energy communities (such as, for example, energy transport charges). In this sense, the Regalgrid® platform is perfectly aligned with the legislation, because it allows the maximization of collective self-consumption for all energy community configurations (one-to-many and many-to-many) and has always had a focus on specifically on the control of the accumulation systems currently incentivized. The legislation finally catches up with technological innovation. After a long wait, Regalgrid® can finally accompany Italy into the future of the energy market.