MISE decree: energy, incentive for self-consumption and energy communities from renewable sources

Friday 18 September 2020

After a long wait, finally, on Tuesday 15 September, the Decree of the Ministry for Economic Development came out which defines the incentive rate for the remuneration of renewable source plants included in the configurations for collective self-consumption from renewable sources and in renewable energy communities, such as cites the decree itself.

In short terms, the last missing piece for the implementation of the energy community has been defined, i.e. the incentive deriving from the sale of energy produced with renewable sources, including that produced by plants connected after 1 March 2020, is sold to right near within the energy communities.

We are thrilled by this news and we want to share with you the incredible opportunity that opens with this document: the energy community is finally well defined in all its entirety and in every aspect, it is no longer just a simple idea. It is a matter of fact.

Click on the following links of the ministry to read a small summary of the decree and the decree itself.