Monitoring systems investigation

Tuesday 13 July 2021

In the July/August 2021 edition of Solare B2B, Regalgrid Europe participated in the market survey on monitoring systems, entitled “So monitoring changes”. The focus of the survey is to draw attention to the new technologies that have been recently developed and that allow new logics for the monitoring and management of photovoltaic systems.

Regalgrid Europe S.r.l. has developed and patented management and monitoring interfaces for aggregate systems, including SNOCU, in particular for collective self-consumption and renewable energy communities. Unlike the classic monitoring mainly addressed to the single plant, the patented platform Regalgrid is focused on the management of aggregates of plants that exchange energy between them. An important element of the platform is the possibility to provide participation tools not only to users with renewable generation plants, but also to consumer users. The installer also has his own interface that allows him to configure the field devices, SNOCUs, quickly and easily. The interface has been extended in order to manage in an easy way the plant cases in which, in addition to the consumption and the renewable generation, there is the management of flexible loads such as heat pumps and charging stations for electric vehicles.

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