PNRR: Investments for ecological transition and circular economy

Wednesday 12 May 2021

The text of the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) has been officially transmitted by the Italian government to the European Commission. In the Plan, also known as the Next Generation Fund, considerable importance is given to ecological transition and the circular economy. For these themes, in fact, investments of 74.3 billion euros have been foreseen: these represent 37.9% of the total resources of the Italian PNRR. The Plan is aimed at achieving several objectives, including: the reduction of emissions and the increase in CO2 absorption capacity, a significant reduction in energy demand and a greater quantity of renewable sources in the energy mix.

There are four lines of action in the Plan:

“Green enterprise and circular economy” for which an expenditure of 6.3 billion euros is planned. It includes: the promotion of environmental sustainability in the agricultural supply chain, support for innovative decarbonization processes through the implementation of a circular economy, according to a well-defined national plan.
“Energy transition and sustainable local mobility” for which expenditure of 18.5 billion euros is planned. It takes into account the increase in energy production from renewable sources.
The achievement of a higher level of energy efficiency and the upgrading of buildings, for which expenditure of 40.1 billion euros is planned.
“Protection and enhancement of the territory and water resources” for which expenditure of 9.4 billion euros is planned. It includes: interventions aimed at improving adaptation to climate change of the territory to encourage decarbonization processes through interventions of forestation and energy efficiency.