Press Release Agreement between Raiffeisenverband Sudtirol, Alperia and Regalgrid

Thursday 10 March 2022


Energy communities: agreement signed between Raiffeisenverband, Alperia and Regalgrid

On March 9, 2022, the Raiffeisenverband Südtirol, Alperia and Regalgrid officially sealed their cooperation in the area of energy communities. To this end, a special memorandum of understanding was signed.

This morning, the foundation was laid for the first cooperative energy communities in the province. The heads of the Raiffeisenverband Südtirol, Alperia and Regalgrid signed a memorandum of understanding to this effect. The three organizations share the common goal of promoting the establishment of cooperative energy communities.

The signed document defines the roles of the parties involved and the methods of collaboration. In this way it will be possible to guarantee, from now on, adequate support to all citizens interested in the realization of ideas and projects, which allow them to participate actively in the energy transition, thanks to the instrument of energy communities.

“This is a milestone for the energy sector and for the people of South Tyrol. From now on, it will be possible to come together within energy communities to produce, consume and sell renewable energy,” says Herbert von Leon, President of the Raiffeisenverband Südtirol.

Flora Kröss, Chairman of Alperia’s Board of Management, also considers this collaboration to be pioneering: “As a local partner in South Tyrol’s energy transition, Alperia offers added value to the region with innovative technological solutions. The creation of energy communities will enable numerous South Tyroleans to actively contribute to the energy transition.”

Elisa Baccini, CEO and co-founder Regalgrid Europe srl adds, “We are proud to be able to contribute with the innovative energy services platform to the creation of a new model of renewable energy management. Today, South Tyrolean cooperatives are opening up the road to sharing and conscious use of energy, with benefits for all producers and consumers who will be part of the Renewable Energy Communities.”

Already in the coming weeks, a pilot project for the creation of a cooperative energy community will be launched.

An initial conference on “Energy Communities. The Future of Energy: Renewable, Cooperative, Affordable, for Everyone” will be held on March 18 at 9:30 a.m. in Bolzano, in the Pavilion of the Raiffeisenverband.

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