REGALGRID and the sustainable revolution

Friday 15 January 2021

A more sustainable world through enabling and friendly IOT technologies

Regal Grid srl, with its subsidiaries Regalgrid Europe srl and Regalgrid Australia Pty Ltd, is a company that for about eight years has been actively working to spread a convenient way to share energy generated from renewable sources among different users or nodes of an electricity grid. Regalgrid®, the brand name of this group of companies, in a single term summarizes the entire mission of the company, that is to generate renewable energy and share it, moving it as little as possible, in a local network by having distributed storage. It seems easy to imagine, but in reality the complexities that lurk behind this mission are many. There are regulatory constraints, tariff schemes, meters and generators of different technologies more or less dated, for example photovoltaic inverters of manufacturers with different communication and management protocols, accumulators, recharging columns and other energy-consuming appliances such as air conditioners and heat pumps of different brands and construction. Regalgrid® has addressed all these issues and solved them by developing an enabling technology covered by international patents. A sustainable energy revolution that is accessible to all.

It doesn’t matter if you are a generation-only, storage-only or consumption-only power grid user or a combination of all of the above: in any case if you install a simple device called SNOCU from Regalgrid® you will immediately be able to connect regardless of hardware types and meters. The only real requirement is that you have an internet connection. At that point, the SNOCU, capable of communicating with any energy asset, will catapult you into the Regalgrid® platform where you can see in real time, for example, the breakdown of your consumption broken down by type of appliance, set alert thresholds or understand how energy expenditure is composed. If you are also a producer of renewable energy, for example if you have photovoltaic panels on your roof, the SNOCU will allow you to view a sort of report on how you are managing your conduct of prosumer (producer and consumer) and suggestions for improvement. If you also have an energy storage, then the game becomes really interesting, because the SNOCU becomes active thanks to the Regalgrid® command and control functions that will help you to better program your conduct of prosumer (producer, consumer and storer).

Imagine now to be able to consider who around you, regardless of whether it is a single house or condominium or craft shed, had also installed a SNOCU. Thanks to Regalgrid® technology, Artificial Intelligence algorithms come into action and in real-time begin to carry out evaluations of convenience on where and when to store or consume the renewable energy generated in excess of the consumption of the individual node, begin to manage heat pumps by driving the thermal set points converting electricity into heat, use charging stations and electric vehicles as contributors to the game. Not only that, they begin to create a reserve of charge in the orchestration of shared storage to provide uninterruptible services or electrical frequency regulation to the grid they belong to. This just described is the life of a new entity we now know as the Energy Community.

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