Regalgrid Europe inaugurates a new one-to-many community in Lugano, Switzerland

Tuesday 1 October 2019

The one-to-many community in question consists of an electric condominium in which 12 apartments will be able to benefit from and share the electricity produced by a condominium photovoltaic system. Compared to what is possible today in Italy, where a condominium photovoltaic system can power only common utilities (stair lights, elevators, garages), in Switzerland the concept of the RCP (Grouping for Own Consumption) has been introduced, defined as a community formed by several parts that come together to jointly use self-produced energy, without using the public network. All this allows condominiums to become part of a community with greater bargaining power towards the energy supplier, thus allowing to obtain more advantageous rates for individuals. Thanks to the RCP, Swiss condominiums can now rely on Regalgrid® technology to manage the distribution and accounting of electricity between the various apartments. “The Lugano electric condominium can become the single node of a larger and more articulated energy community, – affirms Stefano Nassuato, Regalgrid Commercial Director, – a true many-to-many community also composed of other users and neighboring condominiums. Regalgrid can significantly increase the self-consumption percentages of each node belonging to the energy community, thanks to the optimal management of energy flows and the control of storage systems, electric columns for recharging electric vehicles and heat pumps, guaranteeing better use of the ‘electricity, less waste, less dependence on fossil fuels and savings on the bill for each user who joins the initiative. ” Even in Italy, many-to-many energy communities are not a utopia. Some special projects of Regalgrid® demonstrate this, such as the many-to-many energy community of H-Farm, in Roncade (TV).