Regalgrid lands in Australia: branch opened in Melbourne

Thursday 11 July 2019

Regalgrid lands in Australia. The Treviso-based company, active in the field of digital energy, smart grids and electricity management and control systems, has recently opened a new branch in Melbourne, in the state of Victoria. Objective: to offer Regalgrid technology to a country strongly predisposed to innovation such as Australia, to make it increasingly efficient from an energy point of view. The management of the new branch has been entrusted to Emiliano Moroni, a director with many years of experience in the renewable energy sector, who will have the task of making Regalgrid a point of reference in the local energy market. In detail, the Regalgrid Platform will be available to both private individuals who have renewable plants and need to optimize the use of electricity produced from intermittent sources, and to utilities that need reliable and innovative technology for virtual power. plant and aggregation services.