Sales Manager Distribution


We are looking for a sales manager, with interest in Smart Grids, to be included in the Sales & Marketing team to deal with the relationship of Italian customers and other European countries (Spain, France) in the distribution segment (specialist and generalist), in order to to improve, verify and support the implementation of our smart sustainable energy sharing platforms. The position is open for a figure who knows how to collaborate in the whole commercial process, from maintaining active commercial channels to verifying the full satisfaction of customers / end users, to finding new customers. This role requires to put together the knowledge of technologies (such as inverters, PV systems, energy storage, etc.), of the electricity market and its regulation, and of the ICT market. If you have a passion for renewable electricity and technology, and in particular if you have the knowledge of market rules, especially in the context of energetic communities, then this is the role for you.


  • Take care of customers active in the Italian market at the main specialized distributors of photovoltaic material, cooperating with them to obtain the best positioning for Relgagrid® technology.
  • Develop training courses for customers’ technical sales personnel, their agents, organize webinars and training activities in order to increase knowledge and awareness of the benefits brought by the Regalgrid® energy services platform.
  • Work closely with the business development and marketing teams to identify specific market opportunities for management
  • Contribute to the development of data interfaces for end users and aggregators, defining requirements and KPIs, and contributing to the design of the best user experience.
  • To define, together with the commercial management, the strategies and methods for finding new customers, also through digital marketing initiatives (SEO, Adwords campaigns for lead generation, etc.).
  • Configure and follow the functional tests in simulation and / or production environments of the Regalgrid® energy platform.
  • Prepare the system requirements, functional data sheets, technical tests and all the necessary documentation for Regalgrid® projects.
  • Maintain and update direction on innovations, regulatory developments and pilot projects developed around the world to identify any development opportunities in the sector.
  • Support the development of corporate Social Media Marketing channels (Linkedin, YouTube, etc.).

Basic requirements

  • Degree (preferably specialist) in electrical, electronic, energy, management or IT engineering.
  • Rapid learning ability, creativity and proactiveness.
  • Excellent reporting experience.
  • Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills.
  • Strategic thinking skills, market reading, conducting a multi-year development plan.
  • Ability to analyze, synthesize, problem solving.
  • Resource management and training skills.
  • Fluency in English.
  • Strong motivation and predisposition to team work in a dynamic environment.

Requisiti preferenziali

  • Previous experience in the photovoltaic supply chain, in particular knowledge of the main players (distributors, component manufacturers, such as inveter, electric car columns, smart meters, etc.) and of the logic of the reference sector.
  • Ability to structure a complex commercial network organized on several levels.
  • Previous experience in projects that include electrical engineering, integrated systems and the commissioning of these.
  • Knowledge of network regulations and regulations relating to RES.
  • Knowledge of emerging technologies of energy networks.
  • Work experience in the electrical sector.
  • Knowledge of a third language, such as Spanish, French or German.

The company

Regalgrid® technology is based on the use of patented and proprietary software able to allow multiple users to share in real time the energy produced or stored from renewable sources.
Through this peer-to-peer platform, users can go far beyond the traditional concept of photovoltaic panel and accumulator, now having full control of the energy they produce. The owners of photovoltaic systems can share the energy produced with other producers / users in full autonomy.
The Regalgrid® platform uses the SNOCU (Smart NOde Control Unit) as an innovative gateway capable of connecting photovoltaic systems with a cloud application. The platform receives and analyzes the flow of energy produced and the amount of charge of the accumulators distributed in the network, transforming the local photovoltaic systems into “active nodes” of an “Energy Smart Community”.

Spontaneous candidacy

: Sales Manager Distribution

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