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Our team is not just a group of developers, IT specialists, and engineers: we are a group of experts in the energy market and related technologies. We are not only suppliers of software and a highly efficient and high-performance latest generation product: we are true consultants able to indicate the best solutions to enable anyone to achieve energy independence.

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Thirteen buildings of H-Farm, the modern structure and incubator of Start-Up, are equipped with photovoltaic generators and storage systems interconnected by Regalgrid® SNOCUs. This project shows how a passive energy consumer is transformed into a network of active prosumers in an Active Energy Sharing Network, in an actual local energy community.

  • Peak power: 33 kWp
  • Total storage: 50 kWh
  • Nodes: 13
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Regalgrid & Alperia for:

Tech Park

In Bolzano Sud, the NOI Techpark will be built in an area of 120 thousand square meters once occupied by an aluminium factory. The South Tyrolean Technology Park concentrates the innovative energy and the research activities of the territory in a single space, generates highly specialized know-how, connects the most brilliant minds, thus becomes a real engine for the economic development of South Tyrol.

  • Peak power: 57 kWp
  • Total storage: 38 kWh
  • Virtual nodes: 7
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Regalgrid for:

Parco Casa Pozza

Regalgrid and the municipality of San Martino Buon Albergo (VR) have been awarded prize by Legambiente: Regalgrid’s Digital Energy Platform made possible to create a “smart” and eco-sustainable public park.
Three photovoltaic systems and three storage systems are managed efficiently to power the lighting of the park and adjacent streets. Regalgrid made possible to significantly increase the self-consumption rate, making the Parco di Casa Pozza, an innovative “zero impact” public park.

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