The current energy production and distribution model must evolve. Our technology is the right answer to this need for innovation..

 Reduced emissions. The development of an intelligent network based on renewable production improves local energy production and consumption, reducing waste due to transmission losses and use of energy obtained from fossil fuels.

 Trasparency. The members of the community manage their own energy, in fact they are able to access the data pertaining to their systems in real time. Each member can obtain detailed information on the energy produced and used, and also on the amount of energy exchanged with the other nodes.

  Freedom. Each member of the community can autonomously change his/her profile according to the needs, deciding whether to make his/her energy available to the network (for example, when not at home or on vacation), or use the energy made available by other users. The Regalgrid software manages the individual choices always and only with the purpose to achieve the most efficient energy balance based on the profiles set by the users: power user profile, standard profile, power provider profile.

 Savings. Those taking advantage of our technological architecture make the use of the energy generated by their systems more efficient, reducing the amount of energy to be purchased from the national grid

  Efficiency. A self-sufficient energy community in some cases can provide aggregate services, which is an advantage also for the current distribution model. In fact, network operators will be able to manage self-balanced users, thus reducing operating costs.